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Confirmed Tornadoes near Rhineland and Shelbina

The National Weather Service survey team in St. Louis determined that there was EF 1 damage in Rhineland  in Montgomery County. It appears the tornado developed near baseball fields along HWY 94 and moved east causing damage to homesteads and farm buildings before crossing HWY 19. It continued a path until it reached Engemann Farm Road where a barn and garage were destroyed. It appears it expanded as it crossed Massas Creek Road. The tornado tracked ENE lifting 2 miles south/southeast of Warrenton that lead a 21 mile path. The tornado also had a max width of 150 yards.

Another confirmed tornado has been confirmed  an EF 1 in northern Monroe and southern Shelby county. Approximately 13.4 miles southwest of Shelbina a tornado touched down lifting approximately 5.5. miles to the northeast moving through the city of Shelbina. The path was 16 miles long and 150 yards wide.  For additional weather updates please follow @ABC17Stormtrack on Twitter and like us on Facebook ABC17News

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