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Subtle Lunar Eclipse Friday February 10

A subtle Lunar Eclipse occurs this Friday February 10. There is a chance viewing conditions won't be the greatest with scattered clouds during the time of penumbral, where the moon passes in Earth's outer shadow. The sun, earth, and, and moon align for a subtle lunar eclipse. This won't be a full or partial eclipse. A full and partial eclipse actually black out the moon. This won't be the case.  It will be visible at moonrise approximately 5:38pm in Mid-Missouri for approximately 4 hours.

To some observers, the full moon won't look any different.  There will not be a full cutout or partial cutout. Some may even look and not see any difference. To star gazers and the alike, the full moon will have a slightly darker tint and won't appear as illuminated as the moon passes into Earth's shadow. For additional weather updates follow @ABC17Stormtrack on Twitter.

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