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Typical First Snowfall for Mid-Missouri is Nov. 27

This Thursday, December 1, marks the start of the coldest 90 days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.  It's known to many as Meteorological Winter and is the period where snow falls across a good portion of North America.  

Here in Mid-Missouri, our average high temperature drops from the mid 40s to the upper 30s, a sign that snow is increasingly likely with each upper level disturbance that sweeps through The Heartland.

 On Average in Columbia, we can expect to see our first measurable snowfall of 0.10" or greater on November 27th.  With snow on the minds of many, now is the time to go ahead and prepare for winter weather.

With the rise of social media and easily accessible weather data, it's not uncommon to find unofficial snowfall forecast go viral on Facebook or Twitter.  You see this a lot because models during this time of year always depict snow several days out with exaggerated amounts, even when it actually doesn't occur. As a rule of thumb, if you didn't hear it from your local meteorologist, it's most likely not true.

While we are passed the typical timeframe of seeing our first snowfall, it's not uncommon to have it late in the season.  Just last year, our first snowfall in Columbia was on January 9th (the latest ever). 

Now if you are gearing up for winter and missed our Winter Weather Special you can always check it out here.

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