Moderate drought has expanded south and east from northwest Missouri. Nearly all areas north of I-70 are in moderate drought, which is the second stage of drought. Macon County is further into the drought, now at the severe stage.

Areas south of I-70 and north of Highway 50 are abnormally dry, which is the beginning (lowest) stage of drought.

Areas south of Highway 50, including the Lake of the Ozarks, are drought-free due to heavy rain from early August. If no measurable rain falls within the next few weeks, drought conditions could expand into these drought-free areas as well.

Drought stats (for the entire state):

Abnormally Dry- Last Week: 41% This Week: 43%

Moderate Drought- Last Week: 15% This Week: 31%

Severe Drought- Last Week: 0% This Week: 8%