Wet, Stormy Weather Returns Later This Week

A frontal passage will bring our next chance for storms later in the work week.

Above Average Temperatures Make A Comeback Next Week.

After a weekend of below average temperatures, things are going to heat up again next week, pushing us back into temperatures that are slightly above normal.

Cooler than average temperatures this weekend

Clouds move in Saturday night through Sunday.

Joaquin Upgraded to a Category 4 Hurricane

Hurricane Joaquin Cat 4

Joaquin was upgraded to a Category 4 Hurricane Thursday afternoon. Here are a few scenarios of possible tracks on Joaquin.

October usually brings our first freeze

Shorter days lead to cold nights and mild days in October.

Joaquin Becomes A Major Hurricane: Expected to Track North by Friday

Hurricane Joaquin

Early this morning the eye of Joaquin was near Samana Cays in the Bahamas. Winds are sustained at 120 mph, making Joaquin a Category 3 Hurricane. Movement is to the WSW at 5 mph. A turn toward the WNW is expected tonight, followed by a turn to the north and forward speed on Friday. Some strengthening is in the forecast in the next day, with some fluctuations in intensity possible on Friday.  Here…

Joaquin Upgraded to Cat 1 Hurricane In the Atlantic

Hurricane Joaquin Forecast Models Projection

Early this morning Joaquin gained sustained winds of 75 mph, upgrading the storm to a Category 1 Hurricane. Find out the projected path and the likelihood of Joaquin impacting the east coast.

Cooler & dry weather pattern

Temperatures will be below average as upper winds come in from the northwest.

Rain chance and falling temperatures Tuesday

A cold front will bring a slight rain chance and cooler air to Mid-Missouri.

Cooler Temperatures are Expected to Arrive by Mid-week.

After a cold front slides southward through Missouri, temperatures will cool down to levels more typical of Fall.

Clouds Will Be a Concern When Viewing The Total Lunar Eclipse

Cloudy skies might effect our view of this rare celestial event Sunday night.

Weekend clouds, slightly cooler temperatures

Clouds move in this weekend keeping our afternoon temperatures in the upper 70s.

October 1st Marks Second Severe Weather Season

October 1st, Marks Second Severe Weather Season

It's not unheard of to see severe weather in Mid-Missouri in October. In the last decade, there have been several severe weather outbreaks, including October of 2014.

Cirrus Clouds and Sundogs

Cirrus Clouds and Sundogs

A sundog looks like specks of light, and often the colors of the rainbow on either side of the sun or moon, due to reflection and refraction from ice crystals. This is the same phenomenon that causes a halo around the moon or sun.

Total Lunar Eclipse Sunday Night

Total Lunar Eclipse

There will be a rare total lunar eclipse Sunday evening and Sunday night. The next one like this won't return until 2033.

Average first freeze in Mid-Missouri

Fall has officially arrived and daily average temperatures will continue to drop as we continue through the rest of September and into October.

Fall Begins Wednesday

We'll have approximately 12 hours of day and night on the Autumnal Equinox.

Above Average Temperatures Expected to Continue Into October

Fall may be near, but cooler temperatures are not.

First Few Days of Fall Bring Summer-like Tempeatures

With the Autumnal Equinox on Wednesday, the summer heat keeps Missouri in its grasp next week.

Great football weather, mild weekend

Cooler, drier air moves in for the weekend.

There are currently no severe weather alerts.

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