A winter storm will bring snow and ice to mid-Missouri through noon Saturday. Moisture will increase overnight Friday as warmer air just above the surface moves in. This will result in a band of freezing rain with snow farther north of I-70 where the air is cold enough for mostly snow.

A band of snow will spread across northern Missouri after midnight producing up to 4 inches north to HWY 36 by Saturday morning with much lower amounts south. At the same time, freezing rain will increase causing ice to accumulate through early Saturday morning. Areas north of I-44 could see a glazing of ice while up to 2 tenths ice is possible across much of mid-Missouri, north of HWY 54. A narrow band of heavier freezing rain is possible from northeastern Boone county through Audrain county, resulting in up to 3 tenths of an inch of ice.

Warmer air will bring temperatures above freezing near the I-44 corridor and freezing rain will turn to rain in the warmer air early Saturday morning before turning back to freezing rain as colder air moves in.

Travelers should expect slick road conditions due to snow and ice through Saturday morning. Road conditions will be slow to improve due to below freezing temperatures Saturday through Sunday.