Mild winter leading to early allergy symptoms

Winter Allergies

Monday, March 20 begins the official start to spring in the northern hemisphere, but after a mild winter it's likely to arrive earlier, bringing with it allergy symptoms.  As of late, the temperatures in Mid-Missouri have been fluctuating nearly 30 degrees, all within a week span.  This wide swing in temperatures have not only put a toll on immune systems, but it's keeping air particles that trigger allergy responses alive and well.

ABC 17 News contacted numerous allergy clinics across Columbia, and many said they've been busy all winter with patients suffering from allergy problems. The main pollen problems across the region have been:

- Elm (Major allergy)

- Juniper (Significant allergy)

- Mold spores

Lately, mold spores has been one of the bigger problems and the reason has to do with the lack of snow.  Typically during the winter months, snow plays a role in keeping mold spores to a minimum.  However, with the lack of snow to cover the spores on the ground, they are free to travel through the air, keeping many seeing signs of allergy symptoms.  

A lot of the pollen typically comes from trees budding, and with an early blooming season expected, Mid-Missourians will likely being reaching for that allergy medication earlier than normal.  

Allergists recommend not to open  windows on warm days like those expected this weekend.  With pollen counts expected to be in the medium range, opening windows will allow the pollen to come into homes and settle. 

The latest outlook for pollen shows that the levels return to normal early next week.


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