October brings cooler weather, less daylight and beautiful colors as leaves start to change across mid-Missouri. Averaging out data from the past 30 years we find daytime highs at 72 to start the month, cooling to 62 on the 31st while nights dip to 41 by the end of the month. The average rainfall comes in at 3.31".

Typically, the first fall frost occurs over central Missouri by the 3rd week in October and frosts are more likely to occur earlier over the Ozarks due to higher elevation of the Ozark Plateau.

The highest amount of snowfall recorded in October is 2.9 inches in 1913 and the most rainfall recorded is 13.44 inches in 1941. The record high temperature for the month occurred in 1939 at 96 degrees with the coldest temperature of 19 in 1895.