Two outdoor warning sirens that were struck by lightning in Jefferson City last fall are still out of order.

ABC 17's Daniel Winn asked Cole County Emergency Manager Bill Farr why it has taken so long for them to be fixed.

The major reason for the delay lies in the insurance company, according to Farr.

The company took several months to decide if the lightning strikes were one or two incidents, which could have meant the city would have had to pay two $10,000 deductibles. Fortunately, that was not the case.

The two destroyed sirens are on opposite sides of town; one near the instersection of Hwy. 179 and Truman Blvd. and the other on Militia Dr. near the Ike Skelton Training Center.

Damage to the two sirens totaled $33,000.

In the past week, replacement parts arrived in Jefferson City.

"Once the contractor is available and the weaather kind of holds up, they'll get up on top of the pole with the life trucks and remove the whole siren system off the top," said Farr.

The systems weigh hundreds of pounds. The manufacturer tells city officials they have several units around the St. Louis area and they've never seen one get destroyed like these two. They're calling it a freak accident.

"Even though these are engineered to take a lightning strike, these definitely took some direct hits," said Farr.

City officials hope to have the new sirens in place within the next two weeks.