Review of Friday evening's tornado warning

A line of storms developed late Friday afternoon in western Missouri, ahead of a storm system in Kansas. These started popping up near a warm front which was draped across southwestern Missouri in unstable air as warmer air was lifted north. Although instability was low, wind shear ahead of the storm system was high, allowing storms to strengthen.

At 5:43 PM, a supercell located southeast of Macks Creek began to show stronger, persistent rotation and a tornado warning was issued at 5:49 PM for southern Camden county. The storm tracked to the east over Decaturville riding the Camden county line.

The storm then moved east to Wet Glaize in southeastern Camden county at 6:15 PM and another tornado warning was issued at 6:23 PM for eastern Camden and part of western Pulaski county. The storm crossed HWY 7 and a funnel cloud was sighted but never touched down according to the observer.  Doppler radar indicated possible debris 4 miles northwest or Richland at 6:37 but there was no confirmation of a tornado or damage in this area. As the storm moved into Pulaski county toward Swedeborg, rotation became weaker and the tornado warning was canceled at 6:58 PM.

The ABC 17 news and weather team did not get any official reports of a tornado touching down or of damage in it's path. If any new information comes in, we'll have an update to this report.

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