Seasonable conditions expected through this week

Typically, as we head into the middle of June, summer heat will have anchored itself into Mid-Missouri. That certainly hasn't been the case this year, as a cold front accompanied by strong storms tracked through the region Saturday night.

Following the strong storms that swept through Mid-Missouri, cooler and drier air started to filter into the area. It's this drier air that will play a key role in our weather for the first part of the workweek.

Winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere will remain out of the northwest, keeping any brutal heat at bay through this week. Along with this northwesterly flow, any disturbance riding along with the flow will bring the chance for some rain.

The big winner here is the temperature. With Mid-Missouri on the periphery of a trough/ridge, we'll only see temperatures in the mid-80s through the first half of the week, with temperatures approaching 90 as we head into Wednesday and Thursday. These warm temperatures will be short-lived, as another approaching cold front will bring another round of showers and storms by week's end.

Thankfully, due to the slow recovery of the heat and humidity, this round of storms isn't looking to be severe. As with this cold front, however, we'll once again see temperatures fall back into the upper 70s and lower 80s for highs.  

Enjoy the pleasant conditions before the summer heat officially anchors itself into Mid-MIssouri. The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting that through the close of this month we'll likely continue to see seasonable conditions, with slightly above-average rainfall.

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