Areal Flood Warning:

Issued at: 4:52 am CDT on July 2, 2015, expires at: 5:00 PM CDT on July 02, 2015
  • The National Weather Service in Springfield has issued a
  • Flood Warning for... Benton County in central Missouri... Camden County in central Missouri... Hickory County in central Missouri... Maries County in central Missouri... Miller County in central Missouri... Morgan County in central Missouri... Phelps County in east central Missouri... Pulaski County in central Missouri... St. Clair County in west central Missouri...
  • until 500 PM CDT Thursday.
  • At 447 am CDT...local law enforcement officials reported that rain was producing flooding across the warned area. Many roadways are flooded across the region...with creeks...streams...and rivers running high or out of their banks.
  • Runoff from this rain is causing flooding. Creeks...streams and low water crossings will be especially susceptible to the dangers of flooding. This warning includes but is not limited to the following low water crossings... Route hh in Tuscumbia... Route N at the Maries river east of Brinktown... Highway 8 five miles southeast of Saint James... Route v at Deer Creek near Hastain... Route o at Jones Creek just south of Dixon... Route h...3 miles northwest of Stoutland... Route y northwest of Rolla... Route dd at Knobby creek 6 miles northeast of Edwards... Route k at Atwell creek 5 miles southeast of Iberia... Route j at Brush Creek 6 miles west of Collins. Multiple water rescues have taken place this morning due to drivers attempting to cross a flooded roadway. Do not attempt to drive through flood waters...turn around and find an alternate Route. Precautionary/preparedness actions... In hilly terrain there are hundreds of low water crossings which are potentially dangerous in heavy rain. Do not attempt to travel across flooded roads. Find alternate routes. It only takes a few inches of swiftly flowing water to carry vehicles away. Lat...Lon 3868 9284 3834 9240 3829 9165 3815 9152 3779 9153 3779 9180 3760 9182 3761 9224 3786 9242 3780 9256 3790 9263 3790 9318 3780 9322 3790 9407 3822 9405 3821 9353 3851 9351 3853 9307 3869 9305 Boxell
Storm Warnings

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