Severe weather awareness week runs through Friday in Missouri, which includes the testing of outdoor warning systems.

Boone County Public Safety Joint Communications activated the county-wide outdoor warning sirens at around 1:45 p.m. on Tuesday.

The warning system is inspected daily and tested monthly, and was replaced in 2005.

Boone county has 89 sirens that are not only used for tornado warnings, but for other natural and civil emergencies.

All sirens sounded successfully, except for one in Hallsville, and another on Trobridge Rd. north of Columbia. 

The University of Missouri also tested their mass alert and warning system at the same time Tuesday, which is the first test of MU's full emergency alert system while students are on campus.

Outdoor warning sirens sounded and ALERTUS beacons flashed for 10 seconds during the test drill.

Alarm beacons are located in lecture halls, common areas, and hallways of most MU campus classroom buildings.

The drill also tested the ALERTUS and Blackboard Connect systems, which sent a text message to all students, faculty, and staff who are signed up for the service.

The text message read, “This is a test of the MU Mass Alert and Warning System in conjunction with state and local severe weather alerting systems.” Alert emails will include the following subject line: “This is a TEST of the MU Mass Alert and Warning System.”

A mass alert email was sent to all university email accounts, and a desktop notification was sent to computers with MU's alert software installed.

The university also posted the test message to it's Facebook and Twitter accounts, and posted an advisory notice to the MU Alert webpage.

Students, faculty, and staff can visit the MU alert page for instructions on opting in for emergency text message alerts. This website also contains a summary of MU’s Emergency Operations Plan and evacuation procedures.

The National Weather Service and Boone County Public Safety Joint Communications stressed that the outdoor warning sirens are designed to be heard by people who are outside. In the case of severe weather, people indoors are encouraged to have a NOAA weather radio or tune into local news media.

The statewide tornado drill will take place this Thursday at 1:30 p.m. Jefferson City will test their sirens at that time.