Storms developed in western Missouri Saturday afternoon and tracked to the east. The storm which produced a tornado near Orrick in western Missouri continued to move east. Rotation increased as this storm moved into Saline county and a tornado touched down near the intersection of HWY 65 and HWY 240 at 7:26 pm, near Marshall. (Complete story at: Storm chasers reported this rain wrapped tornado 4 miles ENE Marshall at 7:39 pm and 5 miles SW of Slater at 8 pm which was the last tornado report from this storm. The storm continued to move east-southeast producing heavy rain, large hail and strong, gusty winds as it moved through Boone county. 

Here are the storm reports we received from Saturday, May 10.

7:22 pm: 1" hail 6 mi N of Holliday, 7:25 pm: Wind Damage 5 mi NE Granville, 7:26 pm: Tornado near Marshall, 7:39 pm: Tornado 4 mi ENE Marshall, 7:43 pm: Wind Damage 4 mi NE Marshall, 8:00 pm: Tornado 5 mi SW Slater, 8:15 pm: 1" Hail 7 mi NW Boonville, 8:23pm: Wind Damage 5 mi N of Paris, 9:16 pm: 1" Hail near Columbia, 9:35 pm: Wind Damage 3 mi NE Wellsville,  9:46 pm: 1" hail near New Bloomfield, 9:47 pm: 1" Hail 4 mi W Fulton, 11:12 pm: 1" Hail near Williamsburg, 11:42 pm: 1.5" Hail near Williamsburg, 11:51 pm: 1" Hail 3 ESE Williamsburg