Stormtrack Weather Special

How we track severe weather in Mid-Missouri

severe wx tools and app

We have some new and upgraded tools to track severe weather in Mid-Missouri this year. Among those tools:

  • High-resolution street-level mapping shows exactly where the storms will hit
  • Stormtrack Doppler radar can detect the size of hail in a storm
  • Hail tracker shows which areas are in the path of any hail
  • Velocity scope looks at wind speeds inside the storm and help us pinpoint rotation and possible tornadoes
  • Storm cross-sections help us see rotating updraft and where it's going
  • Strike tracker helps us track lightning strikes and can project the path of the lightning in the next 30 minutes
  • Rainfall tracker shows rainfall rates and tracks where the heaviest rain will be, helping us pinpoint which areas are at highest risk of flooding

We also have the ABC 17 Stormtrack Weather App, available for free. With our app, you can track storms and see when they will move into your part of Mid-Missouri. The layers tab allows you to see satellite and radar imagery, and the storm tracks show you how fast storms are moving and what they're carrying.

The alerts tab highlights severe weather threats like tornadoes, and many more tools can be found in our app.

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