Tracking 2 rounds of snow in the next 36 hours

Snow has been pretty lackluster across Mid-Missouri this winter, but we're beginning to see an uptick in snowfall potential. Thanks to several upper level disturbances that will track through the region, up to 4 inches of snow is possible in the next 36 hours.


Snowfall that is currently tracking across Iowa and southeastern Nebraska will slowly shift to the southeast. This will bring an increasing chance for snowfall potential into Mid-Missouri. As the bulk of the energy and lift associated with the system will be to our north, we'll miss out on high snowfall totals. Also, freezing drizzle is possible by early evening which could lead to a glaze of ice on roads and slick travel.

Timing: Snow flurries are possible across extreme northwestern Mid-Missouri as early as 1 PM,  as the system slowly begins its journey to the southeast. Between the hours of 2-3 PM, we'll begin to see snow bands track into Mid-Missouri from west to east.  The heaviest snow setup for the region along with areas of freezing drizzle will likely occur between the hours of 3-7 PM as the system tracks through Mid-Missouri. All of Mid-Missouri is under a Winter Weather Advisory until midnight. The winter weather advisory comes as freezing drizzle continue to fall across Mid-Missouri.

Impacts: Many roads will have already been treated prior to the arrival of the snow, however slick spots are very likely on residential roads and untreated roadways. The greatest impacts will occur during the evening commute as snow and freezing drizzle tracks through the region. Following numerous crashes that occurred Sunday afternoon's snow event, here is some advice on driving in the snow:

- Accelerate and decelerate slowly, as your vehicle will need time to gain traction. 

- Drive very slowly. There is no such thing as a safe speed in snow/ice, so make sure you take it slow as you drive to your destination.

- Keep more distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, as it takes longer to break in snow/ice. 

- Only apply firm, steady pressure to the brakes. Do not under any circumstance slam on the brakes, as that will lead to skidding.

- Don't accelerate up hills and avoid them if at all possible. Accelerating up hills will only lead to tires spinning.

Snowfall Amounts: As this system continues to pull through the region, it will bring beneficial moisture and snowpack to Mid-Missouri. The greatest snowfall amounts will be along and north of Highway 50. Attached is the amounts forecast for the region, with up to 2 inches likely in northeastern Mid-Missouri. Columbia and Jefferson City could see up to 1 inch of snow, with a small chance of seeing more. Areas near Interstate 44 will likely see a dusting if any snow at all.



An upper level disturbance is set to track into the Rocky Mountains by Tuesday morning and eventually the Plains by Tuesday afternoon. As the system tracks through the region we'll see a decent shot of snow across Mid-Missouri. Confidence in how much of an impact will see from this system is not high, due to the inconsistency of the data. Some data indicates no impacts for us, while other data shows a decent shot of snowfall primarily along and north of Interstate 70. The timing of this system has also slowed down, which will likely limit impacts for us heading into Tuesday. As more data is gathered as we head into Tuesday evening, it's very likely that the forecast will change, so you'll want to make sure you stay with ABC 17 News for the newest information.

Timing: The system has slowed down immensely and continue to do so with each new round of data that comes in. While flurries and light showers are possible Tuesday morning into the afternoon, the best chance for any form of winter weather will arrive into the evening hours. The line of snow is set to arrive from the west as early as 4PM, with the greatest amount of snow over Mid-Missouri by 10 PM. Western counties will see the snow from 4 PM to 3 AM. Central Mid-Missouri will see the snow as early as 5 PM and last until 4 AM, while the eastern counties will see snow from 7 PM until around 6 AM.

Impacts: With the potential for a heavy band of snow to track through Mid-Missouri, it's extremely important to make sure you are prepared. While roads will be treated, any burst of snow we see could lead to quick accumulation on roadways. Tuesday evening will bring the greatest threat for hazardous travel conditions, as a decent band of snow should move through the region. This will primarily affect those along and north of Interstate 70. Areas near Interstate 44 will likely see a light glaze of freezing rain, which will cause hazardous conditions as well. You'll want to make sure you stay tuned to the latest forecast, as this system is constantly changing. The track of this system will greatly impact the impacts we see here in Mid-Missouri. Expect to see heavy bursts of snow into the evening, which will likely limit visibility. 

Snowfall amounts: Tuesday brings the greatest chance for accumulating snow across Mid-Missouri, which all depends on the track of the storm. Current analysis of weather data and patterns suggest that those along and north of Interstate 70 will see anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of snow. Heavier amounts are expected north of Highway 24. As you head south of Interstate 70 the snow amounts decrease, with areas near Interstate 44 seeing a glaze of ice with the potential for higher amounts.

Snowpack across the region by Wednesday will likely limit just how warm we get through the day, as solar radiation will be used to melt the snow instead of the earth. With Tuesday being the best chance for snow across Mid-Missouri, it's extremely important to make sure that you stay weather aware, especially into the evening hours. 

Be sure to stay with the ABC 17 Stormtrack Weather Team as we continue to nail down the specifics for snow over the next 36 hours. You can also follow us on Twitter @ABC17stormtrack



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