Weather Special

How we track severe weather in Mid-Missouri

We have some new and upgraded tools to track severe weather in Mid-Missouri this year.

Large hail, lightning among types of severe weather in Mid-Missouri

Of all the possible forms of severe weather during warmer months, large hail and lightning are among the most common.

Looking back at severe flooding in 2015

Flooding was a major problem for Mid-Missouri twice in 2015: July and December.

What if I'm caught outside during severe weather?

Severe weather can develop very quickly in Mid-Missouri, and it's not uncommon to get caught outside when a storm hits.

A look back at the spring and summer weather of 2015

The spring of 2015 started with snow and freezing temperatures in March; those gave way to warmer temperatures and the arrival of the stormy season.

Boone County officials say new warning system is working

A new severe weather warning system was put in place in Boone County last year, and officials say it's working as it should.

Tornadoes seem to hit some Mid-Missouri areas more often

A look at tornadoes that have hit Mid-Missouri over the past decades shows some areas appear to be more prone than others.

2016 marks ten years since deadly Renick tornado

Four people died when a tornado hit the town of Renick on March 13, 2006.

Ashland keeping track of where people take shelter from storms

As we prepare for a new season of severe weather, we talk to Ashland city officials about their storm shelter registry program.

There are currently no severe weather alerts.

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