John Kasich NH town hall

Kasich takes 2nd place in GOP NH race, projections say

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has finished second in the New Hampshire Republican primary behind winner Donald Trump, CNN projects.


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2015-2016 ABC 17 Stormtrack winter weather forecast

A strong El Niño continues as indicated by well above-average sea surface temperatures across the central and eastern equatorial Pacific ocean. A typical wind pattern associated with an El-Nino is expected for the start of winter. Tropical moisture will move into the southern states due to an extended and persistent pacific jet stream with the polar jet stream staying farther north, keeping the…

Ways to lower your winter utility bills

Ways to lower your winter utility bills

Temperatures are expected to drop below freezing this weekend. And with cooler temperatures comes higher utility bills.

Columbia Public Schools winter weather policy

In anticipation of inclement weather, Mid-Missouri schools have policies for adjusting the school day accordingly. 

Dual-polarization Doppler radar essential to winter forecasting

While several factors affect forecasting wintry weather, in the past five years technology upgrades have really improved our ability to tell you what type of precipitation is falling.

El Nino could affect winter weather in Mid-Missouri

Unlike last winter, we have a major player which could affect our weather pattern through winter. A strong El-Nino is developing and we're expecting it to play a big part in this winter's temperatures and snowfall.

Winter temperature and precipitation averages in Mid-Missouri

Due to our inland location, winters in Mid-Missouri can be long with temperatures ranging from mild to bitterly cold. In fact, the record low temperature is -40 degrees which occurred in 1905. The average temperature for our winter months is around 32 degrees. Our coldest month tends to be January, where we really start to see polar air plunge south into our region, putting daytime highs in the…

How do meteorologists determine how much snow will fall?

We look at several things when determining how much snow will fall. First, we look at how much liquid precipitation the storm will produce then convert that to inches of snow. To do this we need to determine the snow to liquid equivalent.

Forecasting different winter precipitation types in Mid-Missouri

Forecasting wintry weather in Mid-Missouri can be tricky because we're located in the mid-latitudes. 

LIHEAP low on funds as temperatures drop

Applications being accepted for heating assistance

As the winter months bring cooler temperatures, some low income families are placed in financial strain just to keep their homes heated. 

MoDot gets ready for winter

MoDOT gets ready for winter weather

The Missouri Department of Transportation prepares its workers for winter weather, so they're ready when the first snow hits Mid-Missouri.  

There are currently no severe weather alerts.

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Anatomy of a tornado

Tornado file

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Storm clouds

Find out all that you need to know about hail.


Winter storm

Find out all that you need to know about winter.


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