Will spring warmth arrive by the start of spring?

The Spring Equinox is just 6 days away, but lately it's been feeling more like winter than March. As we transition into the spring season on March 20th the average high is 57 degrees with an average low of 34. Current forecasts show another cooling trend into Tuesday with a high close to 10 degrees below the typical high.  

This may seem like a disappointing start to the new season, but it's important to remember what an average is. The average high takes into account the high temperature for 30 years of data and takes the mean. This is why it is pretty uncommon for the actual high temperature for any given day to be spot on for the average high.  As we transition into spring, it's very common to see up and down temperatures day by day as cold and mild air masses begin to battle it out. 

Even though we see cool days mixed in with some warm days within the next 7 days, this is typical for the early part of spring. On top of that, this is the time of the year where we see big differences between the low and high temperatures. This is as lows fall close to freezing while daytime temperatures rise close to 60. So yes, we will see 'spring warmth' arrive for a few days, but of course, that warmth is not guaranteed to hold consistent at this point in the year!

Luckily, spring is the season where we see a consistent warming trend month by month through the entirety of the season! 

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