Winter Weather

Latest Ice Potential Friday through Sunday Afternoon

Total ice accumulation is now slightly higher where 0.25" to 0.50" is likely from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. An Ice Storm Warning has been issued for all of Mid-Missouri starting at midnight in the Ozarks and at 9 AM elsewhere, continuing through early afternoon Sunday.  Notice where ice accumulation is possible during the day on Friday and again Friday night and Saturday morning. There is a chance moisture will lift north becoming widespread into Saturday where all of Mid-Missouri will see some form of ice accumulation. Here is a look at the timing. When 0.25" of ice occurs generally weak tree limbs can come down, and when 0.50" occurs then power outages are more likely.

Thankfully, this does not look to be the major ice storm similar to 2007, that impacted the Ozarks and the Springfield area where their were 200,000 power outages. Power outages however will certainly be possible.  For additional weather updates follow @ABC17Stormtrack on Twitter.

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