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TODAY:  Skies will be cloudy this morning, but will be tapering off my mid morning as a cold front descends south of I-70. Gusty northerly winds up to 28 mph are expected today. We'll be much colder, with temperatures in the mid 40s this afternoon, as high pressure builds.

TONIGHT: A chilly evening is in store with temperatures reaching freezing by 10pm. A hard freeze is expected tonight into Saturday morning. Overnight, skies will be clear and temperatures will fall into the mid 20s. Winds will lighten up, but still a north wind will keep us cold into Saturday.

EXTENDED:  We'll have abundant sunshine for the first of November on Saturday, although it will feel more like late November, as temperatures stay in the mid 40s in the afternoon.  We'll warm up slightly Sunday, reaching the low to mid 50s. Showers and t-storms are likely Monday evening through Tuesday morning as another cold front moves through which could produce heavy rain at times. Rain moves out by Tuesday evening with high temperatures near 60 for the middle of next week.  For additional weather updates follow @ABC17Stormtrack on Twitter.


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