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A roundup of this week's restaurant inspections

Restaurant report round up

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Panchero's on Grindstone is back open after an electrical fire in the restaurant's kitchen.

The Columbia/Boone County Public Health Department's inspection records show the fire started Thursday near a hot-hold food preparation table, but was put out with a fire extinguisher.

Because the fire extinguisher was used to put out the fire, all food items that were on top of the food preparation tables had to be thrown away. 

"The facility was required to wash, rinse and sanitize any food contact surfaces impacted by smoke or a fire suppression system as well as disposing of food or single use items (e.g., plastic forks) contaminated by the smoke or fire suppressant," said Scott Clardy, the health department's assistant director.

The health department suspended Panchero's permit until it was ready to reopen to the public. Panchero's called the health department the same day to reinspect the restaurant. The health department said Panchero's reopened the same day.

"Our inspector went to the facility and after an inspection, we were able to reinstate their permit," Clardy said.

According to the city's health food code, this incident was considered an imminent health hazard and the department had to stop the restaurant from operating.

Here are Panchero's restaurant inspections. The restaurant's general manager did not respond to our request for comment.

Five restaurants in Columbia, including Panchero's, were closed following fires, or an incident in which the fire suppression systems went off inside, in the past year.

  • Panchero's (Grindstone): 4/18/2019, electrical fire
  • Texas Roadhouse: 2/11/2019, fire suppression system went off inside.
  • Shakespeare's (Ninth Street): 11/26/2018, dryer fire
  • Jimmy John's (Rainforest Parkway): 8/30/2018, electrical fire
  • Houlihan's: 7/19/2018, fire inside establishment

Panchero's was among one of many Boone county eateries to get a visit from the health department this week.

All eateries inspected in Boone County from April 17 to April 23.



Moser's (Business Loop): 4/19, all critical violations were corrected according to a follow-up on 4/23.

  • Five critical violations: Raw chicken stored above ready-to-eat foods in the deli, employee handling bread in the deli without gloves on, foods were above 41 degrees in a display cooler, raw sausages were stored above already cooked foods in a display cooler and unapproved sanitizer used to wash dishes (the inspection note said they will use bleach as sanitizer instead).
  • Three non-critical violations: Dishes are not being rinsed before being placed in sanitizing solution, employee food is stored with the grocery store's food, employee's clothing stored in a food storage area and with deli equipment.

Thip's Asian Bistro: 4/22

  • Three critical violations: Food was sitting out at room temperature (the inspection note said it was thrown away), surfaces where food touches were not washed, rinsed and sanitized every four hours (the inspection report said this was completed while the inspector was there) and a hand sink was used for other purposes than hand washing.
  • Five non-critical violations: Soiled rags on a food surface, sugar bowl exposed to contamination, no thermometer in three coolers, rice scoop stored improperly and a single-service item was used as a scoop.

Tiger Bounce (Snack Bar): 4/17, follow-up completed on 4/22 and all critical violations were corrected.

  • Four critical violations: Mold growing in the ice machine, popcorn scoop soiled, no soap at a hand sink and unlabeled spray bottles.
  • Two non-critical violations: Fryer basket handles and dryer lids soiled and utensils were set out for customers to grab with the handles facing outwards.

JJ's Cafe: 4/22

  • Two critical violations: Sausage and bacon were below the proper temperature and an employee drink was sitting on a cooler.
  • Two non-critical violations: Items were on the floor inside a freezer and the kitchen door's screen was broken, allowing a space for pests to enter.

Pepe's of Columbia: 4/19

  • One critical violation: Chicken stored above beef in a cooler.
  • One non-critical violation: A wall is in disrepair.

Fieldhouse: 4/19

  • Two critical violations: Vegetable/tomato juice was not at the correct temperature and a pitcher was stored in a sink.
  • One non-critical violation: Rust and water were accumulating in a beer cooler.

Jamaican Jerk Hut: 4/19

  • One critical violation: Chicken was not in the correct temperature range, it was then moved to the grill immediately. The inspection note said the inspector discussed changing out tongs every 4 hours or sanitizing them.

DC's Convenience Store (Centralia): 4/22

  • Four non-critical violations: Soiled hoods above fryer, which the inspection note said can cause cross-contamination from grease dripping. Restroom doors were not self-closing, and the inspection report said this can cause fecal matter to become airborne into the store. Single-service utensils were stored improperly and a cooler door is missing parts.

Shiloh Bar & Grill: 4/23

  • Four non-critical violations: Soiled water and soda nozzles, soiled pipes and the sugar scoop was stored improperly.

Addison's South: 4/17

  • Two critical violations: Broken Cambro ready for food use, the inspection note said it was disposed of during the inspection, and an employee was using bare hands to handle ready-to-eat food product. The inspection report said the employee was corrected and the food was thrown away. 

The Coffee Zone: 4/17

  • Three non-critical violations: Bakery items packaged with plastic wrap were not labeled appropriately, sanitizing rags were stored improperly and a cooler was missing a thermometer.

Grand Cru: 4/17

  • Three critical violations: Oysters stored below raw beef in a cooler, an employee was touching drink garnish with bare hands and an unlabeled spray bottle was in the restaurant.
  • Four non-critical violations: Soiled cooler and nozzle, and an outlet cover was missing. 

Pizza Tree: 4/23

  • One critical violation: Sanitizing bucket's concentration was too weak.
  • Two non-critical violations: Missing outlet cover and an employee drink was on a food preparation table.

Rose Music Hall: 4/19

  • One critical violation: Hand-washing sink in the bar was used to dump out items; the inspection note said the sink was sanitized while the inspector was still there and a new system for dumping out drinks has been set.

Pancheros Mexican Grill (Grindstone): 4/17

  • One critical violation: Sanitizer was too weak.
  • One non-critical violation: Multiple employees are missing food handlers cards.

Lutz's BBQ: 4/19

  • One critical violation: Sanitizing bucket stored on a surface where food is prepared.
  • One non-critical violation: Sanitizing rags were not stored in the sanitizing buckets.

Casey's (Ashland): 4/23

  • One non-critical violation: Employee drink was stored with restaurant food.

Eateries inspected since April 17 without any violations:

  • Boys and Girls Club of Columbia: 4/22
  • Jimmy's Family Steakhouse: 4/19
  • Lenoir Woods Lounge and Market: 4/22
  • Longhorn Steakhouse: 4/18, corrected its critical violations from an inspection on 4/15.
  • Loon Sheng: 4/17
  • Prenger's Extreme Mart (Centralia): 4/22, the inspection note said to make sure the tongs used to pick up hot dogs are washed, rinsed and sanitized after 4 hours of use.
  • Roscoe's (Centralia): 4/22
  • Ruby Tuesday: 4/17
  • Taco Bell (Smiley Lane): 4/23
  • Zydeco's Cajun Kitchen: 4/18

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