CPS redistricting could lower property values

CPS redistricting could affect property

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Columbia Public Schools will be redistricting due to the incoming of a new middle school to arrive by August 2020.

CPS Spokeswoman Michelle Baumstark said several schools are over-populated, especially Rock Bridge High School. According to Baumstark, Rock Bridge currently has almost 2,000 students, even though the school was built to accommodate 1,600 students. 

According to MeyerWorks managing broker Jim Meyer, more school attendance in the area area could indirectly affect the price of homes.

"Certain segments of home buyers are very conscious of what attendance area, whether it's for middle school, elementary, they're buying in because it's very important to them," Meyer said.

Preferred attendance variables could be due to many factors, like traditions, ratings, simple likes or dislikes, according to Meyer.

"It does make a difference to some home buyers, and they will choose to buy a home, using that as one of their criteria, whatever their preferred attendance area is," Meyer said.

According to the real estate website Zillow, Hickman High School ranks a five on the scale, Battle High School ranks a three and Rock Bridge ranks a seven. This point system is based off of a one through 10, ranking one as the best and 10 the worst.

Meyer said for home buyers, it's not just about the ratings.

"I've had clients tell me that they love a particular elementary school, and I've had other clients tell me that they hate that particular elementary school and want to avoid it at all costs," Meyer said.

He said it's a matter of personal preference, but according to several people ABC 17 spoke to Friday, school rating systems play a big factor for many people.

Battle High School was incorporated into CPS in August 2013, and Baumstark said it was a challenging time, but also much needed.

Meyer said Battle High's introduction into Columbia affected a lot of home buyers in the short-term.

"There were people in that year that held off buying because they wanted to see where that attendance area would be," Meyer said.

He said there were some people who moved and others who wanted to stay, it really just depended on the homebuyer.

Baumstark said CPS will have a plan as of March 2019, giving families more than a year to prepare for these changes.

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