Man accused of stealing purse also damages jail property

COLUMBIA, Mo. - On Sunday, officers were dispatched to Mosers Grocery Store on 705 W. Business Loop 70 in reference to an aggravated larceny. Officers contacted the female victim, who told officers that a black male wearing a grey baseball hat and black coat stole her purse from her hand in the Moser's parking lot. The victim said the suspect ran towards the Aldi's parking lot.

Two witnesses saw the suspect running with a purse. According to the witnesses, he got into a red Toyota with Missouri Registration that was parked in the Aldi's parking lot. The witnesses were able to give the officers the license plate number of the suspect's vehicle.

A sergeant located the vehicle nearby and conducted a traffic stop. Dorice Smith was located inside the vehicle wearing the clothing described by the victim and the witnesses. As the sergeant was putting handcuffs on Smith, he took off running. Smith was taken into custody.

After being taken to the Columbia Police Department, Smith attempted to break the fingerprint machine and flood a holding cell. As an officer was transporting Smith to the Boone County Jail, he urinated through the cage onto the officer's jacket and gear bag in the front seat, as well as the console and passenger seat of the patrol vehicle.

Smith defecated in the back seat of the patrol vehicle after saying that he would do it. He smeared the feces all over the seat, the windows, the floorboard and then put it on his foot, running feces on the ceiling next to the officers head and seat belt.

While Smith was at the Boone County Jail, he took off all of his clothing, climbed up on the divider and attempted to destroy the smoke detector in the cell. Smith was seen on camera eating something and shoving some of it down a drain in the cell. As an officer entered the cell to see what he was shoving down the drain, he threw it in his mouth and attempted to eat it.

Smith eventually spit out the little pieces of aluminum foil in his mouth. Inside of the aluminum foil was a small amount of marijuana. As the officer was transporting Smith to a local hospital because of possible narcotics ingestion, Smith kicked the left rear door of the patrol car so hard it dislodged the plexiglass and bent the top of the door away from the body of the vehicle several inches, making the vehicle unusable.

In Smith's property was a social security card belonging to someone else. Officers contacted the card holder, who said that his social security card was in his wallet and his wallet was stolen in June of 2012.

Smith was arrested for:

  • Receiving stolen property felony
  • First degree robbery
  • Introducing contraband to a correctional facility
  • Resisting or interfering with an arrest felony
  • First degree tampering Felony
  • Misdemeanor warrant for failure to appear on assault third with a bond of $36,000
  • Misdemeanor warrant for resisting and driving while revoked with a bond of $2,000
  • Misdemeanor warrant for property damage second and assault third with a bond of $1,000
  • Misdemeanor warrant for stealing with a bond of $1,000
  • Misdemeanor warrant for assault third with a bond of $300

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