More than 100 violations given to Boone County eateries in 13 days

Permit temporarily suspended at Columbia center

COLUMBIA, Mo. - The Columbia/Boone County Public Health Department has inspected more than 80 facilities and recorded more than 100 health code violations since June 19.

Inspectors had to visit multiple locations more than once because of critical violations that were not fixed at the time of the first routine inspection.

Inspections since June 19

Phoenix Programs: The inspection note says visits to the substance abuse rehab center took place 6/20 and 6/21, with an inspection on 6/28 that showed all critical violations were corrected.

  • Two critical violations: Wet chemical covering food and equipment, cooking equipment was contaminated by a chemical sprinkler. The note said when inspectors arrived for a routine inspection, the management told them that wet chemical sprinkler heads were accidentally activated by a fire alarm testing company the day before, around 3:30 p.m. The inspector saw people were actively working to clean the kitchen and equipment had been moved in the process. The inspection note said that all food contaminated by the chemical sprinkler had been discarded. The organization's operating permit was suspended until the entire kitchen was cleaned. Management was using outside food establishments to bring in food and was not operating in the kitchen until the permit was reinstated the next day, on 6/21. Inspectors revisited the facility on 6/28 and did not find any violations. 

Loon Sheng (Paris Road): 6/21, follow-up inspection completed on 6/24, which did not have any critical violations

  • Four critical violations: Noodles straining on cardboard, dishes were not sanitized before using them, cabbage was at 73 degrees and did not have a time stamp (this was disposed of on-site), raw beef stored improperly above raw shrimp.
  • Eight non-critical violations: Sanitizing rags were not stored in buckets, multiple items were dirty in the kitchen: sides of wok station, fryer, white soda shelving, white can storage shelving, shelving under a prep table, floor under a prep table, hand sink, reach-in freezer. However, the inspection note said these are all non-food contact surfaces). Other violations were for cardboard used on top of surfaces, single service items used as a permanent scoop, food found on the floor, improper thawing techniques and an employee drink found on a prep table.

Bubblecup Tea Zone (South Ninth Street): 6/24

  • Five critical violations: Food contact surfaces were not washed, rinsed and sanitized every four hours (minimum), employees not washing their hands before handling food and after handling money, no soap at a hand washing sink, no paper towels in the bathroom and employees not using sanitizer properly.
  • Three non-critical violations: Single-service items stored improperly and a burner, wall, shelving unit, cabinets, inside of prep area and coolers were dirty. Cardboard under the microwave.

China King: 6/24, follow-up scheduled for 7/8

  • Five critical violations: Hand washing sinks obstructed by buckets, scoops and dishes, hand washing sink did not have any soap, raw meat stored over sauces that do not need to be cooked and no sneeze guard over fruit-dessert self-service buffet area. 

Stoney Creek Inn: 6/2, follow-up scheduled for 6/28.

  • Two critical violations: Mold in the ice machine and dirty food contact surfaces.
  • One non-critical violation: Single-service items stored food contact side up.

Sub Shop (South 8th Street): 6/26, all critical violations were corrected by a follow-up completed on 7/1.

  • One critical violation: Foods in the sandwich prep cooler above the proper temperature.
  • Two non-critical violations: Packaged baked goods without labels, ice scoop stored improperly.

Wingate Inn: 6/27, follow-up inspection on 7/1 showed all critical violations were corrected.

  • Two non-critical violations: Packaged baked goods without labels, no one present with food manager training. The inspection note said they are planning to attend training soon.

Sub Shop (West Worley): 6/27

  • Two critical violations: Tub of cheese in the hand sink and yogurt and milk were stored above the proper temperature.

Quarry Bar: 6/21, follow-up inspection completed on 6/26, the inspection note said all critical violations were corrected.

  • Two critical violations: Heavy mold growth in the dishwasher at the bar and no sanitizer at the bar dishwasher.

Subway (South Ninth Street): 7/1

  • Three non-critical violations: Water nozzle on a sink, air vent and the top of the bread maker were dirty. Dishes were not air-dried before stacking.

Breaktime (North Stadium Blvd): 6/19

  • Two critical violations: Hand washing sink used for other purposes and employees were not washing their hands after taking a drink. (The inspection note said the inspector corrected the employee before handling food.)
  • Three non-critical violations: Clean food contact items were stored on dirty cloths, employee drinks were stored on a prep table, the space between the fountain machine and the wall was dirty.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe (North Stadium Blvd): 6/27

  • Two non-critical violations: Cutting boards heavily stained and the floor underneath tables soiled with dirt and debris. The inspection note said it needs to be cleaned.

Casey's (Clark Lane): 6/19

  • One critical violation: Soda machine dispenser was dirty, the inspection report said the manager cleaned it at the time of the inspection.

Columbia Country Club "Down": 6/20, follow-up inspection on 6/21 showed all violations were corrected.

  • Two critical violations: Unlabeled spray bottle, slime mold in the ice dispenser in the lobby. 

My House Nightclub & Sports Bar: 6/21

  • One critical violation: No paper towels at the hand sink in the backyard bar
  • One non-critical violation: Water build-up on the floor of the walk-in cooler and freezer.

Falafel Cafe: 6/24

  • One critical violation: Raw chicken covered container stored on a shelf above a chickpea container. 

Columbia Montessori: 7/2

  • One critical violation: Dented can.

The Crepe Cart of Columbia: 6/25

  • One critical violation: Hand washing station is not set up.
  • One non-critical violation: No hot water at a hand sink.

Shakespeare's Pizza (Peachtree): 6/25

  • Two critical violations: Dented can and no hand soap at a hand washing sink.
  • One non-critical violation: Drink build-up in the bottom of the sliding door glass cooler at the bar.

Insomnia Cookies: 6/24, follow-up inspection completed on 6/26 - all critical violations were corrected.

  • Two critical violations: No paper towels and soap at hand sinks.
  • One non-critical violation: Bathroom door is not self-closing.

Subway (West Broadway): 6/26

  • Two non-critical violations: Employee drink stored improperly and ice accumulated in a freezer.

Taco Bell (East Nifong Blvd): 6/20

  • One critical violation: No paper towels at the front hand washing sink.

Pressed: 6/20

  • One critical violation: No paper towels at a hand sink.

Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin Robbins (Rangeline): 6/19

  • Three non-critical violations: The wall behind the drink station was soiled, employee bag was sitting in the food prep area and there is ice build-up in the walk-in cooler.

Jose Jalapeno's: 6/20

  • Two non-critical violations: Leaking faucets, a cutting board was deeply scored.

Firehouse Subs (East Broadway): 6/19

  • Three non-critical violations: Dirty water nozzle (the inspection note said this was a non-food contact surface), employee drink stored improperly and a reach-in cooler gasket in disrepair.

Days Inn (I-70 Drive SW): 6/27

  • Two critical violations: Dirty Tupperware in a hand sink and no paper towels at a hand sink.
  • One non-critical violation: Single-service silverware was not all facing the same direction.

Pancheros Mexican Grill (North Stadium Blvd): 6/26

  • Two critical violations: Unlabeled spray bottles in the dish washing area, sanitizing water was too weak.
  • Four non-critical violations: Dirty sink nozzle, incorrectly storing personal items, multiple missing food handler's cards and management did not have manager certification. 

Como Smoke and Fire: 6/25

  • One critical violation: Employee not washing hands in between tasks. The inspection note said the inspector corrected the employee before food handling and reviewed the policy with management and the employee.
  • Two non-critical violations: Dishes were not air-dried before stacking and ice accumulation in a freezer.

Medmex Cafe: 6/26

  • Two critical violations: All spray bottles must be labeled and cold holding was not at the proper temperature. The inspection note also said the inspector discussed storage of employee drinks down and below from food,  manager getting training by next random inspection and cleaning out a microwave.

Pizza Hut (East Nifong Blvd): 7/2

  • One critical violation: In-use utensils not washed, rinsed and sanitized every four hours.
  • Three non-critical violations: Mold in a gasket, employee drink on a preparation table and food handlers card were not available at the time of the inspection. 

Midtown Day Club: 6/28, follow-up scheduled for 7/3

  • Two critical violations: Dishes are not being sanitized between uses and an air gap not sufficient
  • One non-critical violation: Ice scoop stored in the ice bin with the handle touching ice.

Albert Oakland Concession: 6/25

  • One critical violation: Slime mold in an ice machine.

Rainbow House: 6/26

  • One critical violation: Hand sink was used for washing dishes.
  • One non-critical violation: Food stored on the floor of the pantry.

White Castle: 6/28, follow-up scheduled on 7/1 showed all critical violations were corrected.

  • One critical violation: Mold on the ice guard on the ice machine.

Jersey Mike's Subs (West Worley Street): 6/19

  • One non-critical violation: Food package was not properly labeled. The inspection note also said they need to have access to check food handler cards.

G&D Family Steakhouse: 6/25

  • One non-critical violation: Dirty air vent above a dish washing machine and the meat prep area.

Formosa: 6/28

  • One non-critical violation: Water damage to ceiling tiles in the dining area.

Sonic (Centralia): 6/21

  • One non-critical violation: Ice machine door, door trim, hinge and seals broken, deeply scored or coming apart. The inspection report said the inspector discussed fly control methods as well. 

Sparky's: 6/24

  • One non-critical violation: Bathroom door spring needs to be tightened so that it is self-closing.

Wendy's (East Nifong Blvd): 6/20

  • One non-critical violation: Employees without food handler's cards.

The Understudy: 6/21

  • One non-critical violation: No spring on the women's bathroom door. 

Arby's (Providence Road): 6/26

  • One non-critical violation: Ice scoop stored in an ice bin, the inspection note said it was moved and stored properly at the time of the inspection.

Nourish Cafe & Market: 7/2

  • Two non-critical violations: No thermometer in a cooler and dirty air vent in the dish washing area.

Lakota Coffee Company (South Ninth Street): 6/26

  • One critical violation: Dish machine was not reading for sanitizer.

Andy's Frozen Custard (Cooper Drive North): 7/2

  • One non-critical violation: Topping line gasket is in disrepair.

Eateries without any critical violations at the time of the inspection:

  • Annie's Breads: 6/19
  • Arena Liquor 2 (Providence Road): 7/1
  • Arch & Column Pub: 6/21
  • Boone County Jail: 6/24
  • Candy Factory: 6/24
  • Casey's (Sturgeon): 6/21. follow-up scheduled for 8/31.
  • Central Missouri Food Pantry: 6/19
  • Cici's Pizza: 6/26
  • Clovers Natural Market: 6/19
  • Columbia Country Club ("Up"): 6/20
  • Cornerstone Coffee Shop: 6/24
  • Culver's: 6/24
  • Cracker Barrel: 6/20
  • Denny's: 6/28
  • Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins (Elm Street): 6/24
  • Dog Master Distillers: 6/19
  • Garden Conference Center: 6/19
  • Hardee's: 7/1 (Follow up from an inspection on 6/29)
  • Hog Haven BBQ: 6/21
  • I.C. Billiards: 6/24
  • Iyumva International Market: 7/1
  • Logboat Brewery: 6/26
  • Long John Silvers: 6/26
  • Main Squeeze: 6/26
  • Nuu Thai: 6/27
  • Panera Bread (South Providence Road): 6/19 - The inspection note said the inspector talked about keeping things off "cutting board food prep area,"  and "discussed wiping down shelf holding bread every day."
  • Pizza Hut (Centralia): 6/21
  • Quality Inn & Suites: 6/21
  • Rj's Real Italian Ice: 6/27
  • School House B&B: 6/20
  • Springhill Suites: 6/20
  • Starbucks (East Nifong Blvd): 6/26
  • Staybridge:  6/27
  • The Amber House (Rocheport): 6/20
  • The Buzz Cafe: 6/21
  • Walgreens (East Broadway): 7/1
  • Wendy's (Clark Lane): 6/28
  • Ying Yang: 6/21
  • Zydeco's Cajun Kitchen: 6/27

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