Nearly 60 non-critical violations given in Boone County this week

Health Dept. explains the severity of violations

Behind the Kitchen Door critical vs noncritical

COLUMBIA, Mo. - The Columbia/Boone County Public Health Department handed out 30 critical and 56 non-critical violations to Boone County eateries in the past week.

Assistant Director Scott Clardy said a critical violation has a, "direct impact on the safety of food."

He said when inspectors write up an establishment for a critical violation, it's because it might cause contamination to food that could later be served to customers.

"We're looking at things that would cause contamination of food, that could cause illness or an environmental health hazard of some kind," Clardy said.

However, "non-critical items are items that would not directly impact the safety of the food," he said.

Clardy said if a critical violation cannot be fixed while the inspector is completing the inspection, a follow-up inspection is scheduled, which are listed on the reports below.

Follow ups are, "scheduled to assure the violation has been addressed," Clardy said.

If no follow-up date is listed, the establishment fixed its critical violations before the inspector left the eatery. 

Click here to download a spreadsheet with information about each inspection.

Map of violations


All Boone County eateries inspections since April 10:

Dickey's: 4/12, follow-up scheduled for 5/13

  • One critical violation: Unlabeled spray bottle
  • Six non-critical violations: Soiled sink nozzle, wall corner and gasket in disrepair, sanitizing cloths not stored in their proper location, multiple missing food handler's cards and missing outlet cover for a cooler and storage area.

Barred Owl Butcher and Table: 4/12, follow-up scheduled for 4/16

  • One critical violation: Slime mold in an ice machine.
  • One non-critical violation: Items sold in the butcher area need compliant labels.

Coley's: 4/11, all critical violations were fixed by a follow-up inspection on 4/15

  • One critical violation: Slime mold in an ice machine.
  • One non-critical violation: Ceilings and walls in the kitchen were in disrepair and were not smooth or easily cleanable.

Caribou Coffee (Inside HyVee on Conley Road): 4/11, all critical violations were fixed by a follow-up inspection on 4/15. 

  • Two critical violations: Slime mold in an ice machine and a cooler was not at the correct temperature to store food. The food inside the cooler was moved at the time of the inspection.

China Moon: 4/12, all critical violations were fixed by a follow-up inspection on 4/15

  • Three critical violations: Food stored directly in grocery bags inside freezers, no soap at a hand washing sink and a hand sink is not being used properly.
  • Three non-critical violations: Ceiling has water damage, single-service items used as a scoop, sanitizing rags are not stored in sanitizing buckets.

Loon Sheng: 4/10

  • One critical violation: Dishes were not sanitized after dish washing. The inspection said the dishes were washed, rinsed and sanitized on-site.
  • Four non-critical violations: Food on floor in a walk-in cooler, soiled sides of wok area, fryers, reach-in freezer, underneath a preparation table and under a sink. Cardboard is being used between fryers/wok and the fryer/preparation table area, which is not easily cleanable. The inspection note said the cardboard was thrown away at the time of the inspection. Sanitizing rags were not stored in the sanitizing buckets.

Jose Jalapenos: 4/10

  • Four critical violations: Raw beef stored above cooked refried beans in a walk-in cooler, cleaning chemicals stored above food in another storage area, dish machine was not reading the sanitizer and an employee drink was sitting on a food preparation table.
  • One non-critical violation: Container lids holding bulk items are cracked and broken, which are not easily cleanable.

Uprise Bakery: 4/12, all critical violations were fixed by a follow-up inspection on 4/16.

  • Four non-critical violations: Mold in a sink in the back baking area, slime mold in an ice machine, leaking sink, counter top is missing a large chunk, which makes it not easily cleanable.

Taco Bell (East Business Loop 70): 4/15

  • One critical violation: Container holding tortilla chips was cracked
  • Three non-critical violation: Broken and missing floor tiles and multiple missing food handler's cards.

Silverball: 4/10

  • One critical violation: Sewage was leaking in the establishment and damage items that were stored on the floor including boxes of straws and cups, which were thrown away during the inspection.

A & Y Global Market: 4/11

  • One critical violation: No test kits available. The owner said they ran out of test strips and was going to buy more the day of the inspection.
  • Two non-critical violations: Meats in coolers were not labeled and the seal on the fish freezer is broken, which is causing the sliding door to not close correctly.

Bleu Market & Bakery: 4/12

  • One critical violation: Potentially hazardous foods in salad preparation line were not in the correct temperature range. All foods were thrown away.
  • Five non-critical violations: Salad cooler not in the correct temperature range, no labels on packaged food items, a wall corner was repaired with duct tape, which the department said is not smooth or easily cleanable, an inside of a microwave was soiled and an employee drink was found on a table where food is prepared.

Longhorn Steakhouse: 4/15, follow-up scheduled for 4/18

  • One critical violation: Foods were above the correct temperature in three coolers.
  • Two non-critical violations: Food debris was found underneath coolers and grills and a sweatshirt and jacket were stored on top of cups in a storage area. 

Pizza Hut (Clark Lane): 4/10

  • Five non-critical violations: Wall and door in disrepair, broken tile, soiled water nozzle and multiple people were missing food handler's cards.

El Jimador: 4/12

  • One critical violation: Fork for restaurant use was stored incorrectly.
  • One non-critical violation: A stall in the ladies restroom is missing a trash can with a lid.

Panchero's Mexican Grill (Trimble Road): 4/16

  • One critical violation: Unlabeled spray bottle.
  • Four non-critical violation: Improper thawing method, edge of grease trap was not smooth or easily cleanable, missing a thermometer and multiple food handler's cards.

Ernie's: 4/16

  • One critical violation: No hand towels in the employee's restroom. The inspection also said the the inspector and a manager discussed issues with the ice bin, fixing a drain, fixing exposed insulation in the basement, making a designated place for employees' items and adding asterisks to specific foods on menu that need a consumer advisory. The manager said that will be updated next time the menu is redone. 

Flat Branch: 4/12

  • Two non-critical violations: Soiled racks, wall and ceiling tiles and the floor and wall along the back of the restaurant was not smooth, which did not make it easily cleanable. 

Nuu Thai: 4/13

  • Two non-critical violations: No hot water at a hand sink and no one was present with manager training.

The Villages at Mill Creek (Senior Living): 4/15

  • One critical violation: No towels at a hand sink.

Blue Rooster BBQ & Pizza: 4/16

  • One critical violation: Sliced lettuce did not have the date at the time of the inspection.

Fresh Ideas Food Management (Caterer): 4/16

  • One critical violation: Sanitizer bucket was improperly stored on a food preparation table, but the inspection said it was moved while the inspector was at the establishment.

Comfort Suites: 4/11

  • Two non-critical violations: Soiled air vent and unshielded glass bulb in a freezer.

El Maguey: 4/11

  • One non-critical violation: Some containers holding spices are not labeled with a common name. The inspection also said the restaurant is changing its menus soon, "and will be adding consumer advisory for new cook-to-order items."

B & B Bagel Company: 4/11

  • One non-critical violation: Labels on cream cheese are incomplete and missing information.

IHOP: 4/15, follow-up scheduled for 5/9

  • One non-critical violation: Tiles missing and were cracked, creating an uneven floor surface, which is not easily cleanable. The inspection note said a reinspection fee was being charged and another one will be charged if it is not fixed by the next follow-up date.

Midway Golf Complex: 4/15

  • One critical violation: Unclean pizza cutter and pizza pan.
  • Three non-critical violations: Inside of the microwave is unclean, utensils were improperly stored with the food-contact side up and personal items were improperly stored on a pizza pan.

McAlister's Deli: 4/10

  • One non-critical violation: Lemon wedges stored with ice in an undrained container.

Welcome Home Inc: 4/15

  • One critical violation: Unlabeled spray bottle.
  • One non-critical violation: Self-serve silverware was set out with the handles facing different directions. 

Primrose Learning Center: 4/12, the critical violation was corrected by the follow-up on 4/15.

  • One critical violation: Bottom of the oven has accumulation of debris.

Texas Roadhouse: 4/12

  • One non-critical violation: Employee water bottle stored in a cooler with food served at the restaurant.

Eateries without any violations at the time of the inspection:

  • 2 Odd Dawgs: 4/12
  • Bandana's BBQ: 4/15
  • Cedarhurst: 4/12 and 4/16
  • Central Bank of Boone County: 4/10
  • Chick-Fil-A: 4/15
  • China Chef: 4/15
  • CJ's: 4/10
  • Fuddrucker's: 4/10, The inspection note said the inspector discussed wiping down seat cracks and getting the rips in the seats fixed.
  • Geisha Sushi Bar: 4/10
  • Hong Kong Market: 4/12, The inspection note said the inspector discussed keeping an eye on dust on the vents in the cooler and freezer.
  • La Terraza: 4/12, all critical violations were corrected from a 4/9 inspection.
  • McDonald's (East Nifong): 4/10
  • Pizza Haus: 4/16, the inspection note said no food was being made during the inspection.
  • Poppy's Place: 4/10
  • Sidelines Sports Barl: 4/12, No food items are for sale at the establishment.
  • Taco Bell (South Providence Road): 4/15
  • Tiger Tots: 4/15
  • Tom Bradley Meat Wagon: 4/14
  • Top Ten Wines: 4/10

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