Neighbors may move after the Oak Street shooting Saturday night

The shots fired woke up their newborn son

One family scared and might move

COLUMBIA, Mo. - No one is hurt, but suspect or suspects are still on loose after a shooting on Oak Street Saturday night around 11:00 p.m.

Neighbors told ABC 17 that they just moved in and with the arrival of their newborn son, they may consider moving.

Andrew Wood and his fiance thought the 400 Block of Oak Street was a quiet and affordable neighborhood for their soon to be new family.

But after gunshots last night and baby's Liam's first night home from the hospital, they're now reconsidering.

"We had a crying newborn baby first night home from gunshot," said Wood.

Wood tells us his instincts kicked in after he heard the ten or fifteen shots fired.

"Took the baby in the other room and came outside and looked to see what happened. I didn't see anything, but I heard the shots," said Wood.

He told us he was up all night long, contemplating that he chose the wrong place to live.

"That happening the first month of being here, it's like maybe I need to find a different side of town," said Wood.

With no other options now, Wood said they plan to stick around, but if anything like this continues, they will find a way to move.

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