Phone scammers calling with local numbers

Phone scammers calling with local numbers

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - A woman from Mid-Missouri was the target of spoofing.

Spoofing occurs when a phone scammer falsifies information to trick those they are trying to reach. 

These scammers will use a local number to make you think the call is legitimate.

Regina Campbell received several calls recently, one from a woman who wanted to help her consolidate her credit cards. Campbell said she doesn't even own any credit cards. 

"It seemed like she wanted to talk to me about credit cards and I got a bad vibe right away," Campbell said.

Campbell called one of the numbers, and it was a gentleman who appeared to have no clue as to what was going on.

Detective Tom O'Sullivan, with the Boone County Sheriff's Department, said it's really important that you do not give out your personal information.

"When you get a phone call from someone you do not know, obviously, do not provide them with any of your financial information, your Social Security number, your date of birth."

O'Sullivan also said, these calls can be annoying, and blocking them is your best bet.


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