Some experts are saying social media is impacting our stability

Some red flags to watch out for

Social media - desensitization

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Law enforcement says that some social media posts can often be a precursor to crime.

To list a few, the Parkland school shooter mutilating animals, the Austin bomber researching bomb-making, and locally, Brandon Rapier from Jefferson City, ranting about ex-girlfriend and boyfriend.

Some experts are saying social media is shutting down our mental stability.

Tracy Perkins, a cyber crimes detective at the Boone County Sheriff's Department says, "the higher and more integrative technology becomes, the worse it's going to get for our kids. It really is."

Perkins told me that social media desensitizes us and our children. 

"There's an addiction to it all, it's an epidemic," said Perkins.

It can trigger something in someone, and it can be especially disabling for someone who is directionless. "Our emotions are in a stale mode. We just don't have a response to things when we're constantly feeding our brains with what they call the "glowing screen," said Perkins.

Many cyber crime suspects Perkins sees have no criminal history. Social media may be teaching kids a lack of empathy, "social media is a feeding ground of how we act," said Perkins.

Some red flags to watch out for and get law enforcement involved include erratic behavior, ranting and animal abuse.

Perkins said if you see anything unusual on social media, take a screenshot of it and contact law enforcement immediately. 

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