Some Hartsburg residents without water and sewer

9 homes had water shut off due to flooding

Nine homes without water or sewer services in Hartsburg

HARTSBURG, Mo. - Floodwaters from the Missouri River and Hart Creek are going down, but some residents in Hartsburg are still without water and sewer services.

The Southern Boone County Fire Protection District said on Facebook that the water caused homes south of the Katy Trail to lose water and sewer services.

Floodwater has been steadily going down in the Hartsburg area, but the water that overtopped the levees is now stuck behind them, the fire district said in its post.

Southern Boone Fire Capt. Jason Thomas said about nine homes were without water and sewer services Monday. Thomas hopes they will be able to restore the water to those homes tomorrow.

"A lot of that depends on if the water keeps receding and pulls back away from some of the manholes and sewer drains that are in that part of town," Thomas said.

Floodwater was getting into the sewer system, causing the city to close the system in those areas to prevent any more water from getting in.

"Since the sewer was shut off we also had to shut off the water, because there would be nowhere for the water to go," Thomas said.

While floodwaters have been steadily going down in Hartsburg,  the water that overtopped the levees is now stuck on the other side. Thomas said drains that take the water back to the river need the river levels to fall more to work properly. 

Thomas said no homes in Hartsburg have been damaged by floodwaters, but water remains on the roads.

The district received 84 cases of water from Hyvee to distribute to  the homes affected.

"It's been a lot of local companies and businesses throughout the whole flood event have really chipped in and helped send volunteers down or send food and send water," Thomas said.

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