Towing companies reporting wait times of 9 hours

Columbia - Expect to wait up to nine hours if your car is stranded on mid-Missouri roads. Mid-Missouri towing companies are being inundated with hundreds of calls and responding to as many wrecks as they can get to.  Here is some of the information ABC 17 News has collected from speaking to local towing companies. These were the companies that actually answered our phone calls. We got busy signals and answering machines from a lot of other companies.


I-70 Towing:
   - Has received several hundred calls.
   - Have been able to respond to 20-30 wrecks today.
   - The company has responded most to the connector and Midway. 
   - Is asking people to make sure to not leave their cars on the roadway and get cars to the shoulder of the road if you plan to then abandon the vehicle.

Economy Towing:
   - Have stopped taking new calls because they are so backed up.
   - Received 100+ calls 
   - Says Clark Lane has been a problem area.

ATR Towing and Recovery:
   - Has 4 hour wait time
   - Taken 40+ calls


Broadway Wrecker Towing:
   - Responded to 52 wrecks so far.
   - Has 25 calls waiting for help.

Scotts Towing:
   - Responded to about 15 wrecks.
   - 9 hour wait time.
   - Has been responding to a lot of Columbia calls. 

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