Winter Weather reported in mid-Missouri ahead of busy holiday travel day

Winter Weather reported in mid-Missouri ahead of busy holiday travel day

ABC 17 News is already getting reports of some winter weather in mid-Missouri Friday morning.

Our ABC 17 Stormtrack meteorologists say temperatures are above freezing still in most of mid-Missouri, but say temperatures will likely drop throughout the morning. They say we'll have a wintry mix this morning with the concern of a glaze of ice if temperatures drop to freezing before the system moves out. A quick snow accumulation of under 1/2" is also possible in some areas. Our ABC 17 Stormtrack meteorologist say temperatures will start to climb above 32 degrees again by 12:00pm.

ABC 17 News has already gotten some reports of heavy rain in Boone County and sleet in Chariton County.

After last Friday's icy conditions and extremely slick roads, some crews are already monitoring the roads so they can be quick to treat them if it starts getting slick.

Our ABC 17 News crews already saw some plows out in Columbia this morning around 3:00am, but say, so far conditions are still dry there.

Around 4:30am, Our ABC 17 News crews reported seeing heavy rain in the Ashland area, south of Columbia.

Boone County Public Works says treatment already on the roads from last week could help today. ABC 17 News talked to public works last night, who told us they did not have a set plan yet for when they will treat the roads today, however they said they do have crews standing by.

MoDOT also told ABC 17 News it hopes to treat roads before the morning commute.

So far, ABC 17 News has not gotten reports of any crashes due to slick conditions. Our crews will keep monitoring conditions and looking out for traffic impacts throughout the morning.

Watch ABC 17 News This Morning for live reports on the roads as conditions change throughout the morning.

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