Workweek starts out of major flood stage

Roads in Jefferson City start to reopen

Missouri River in moderate flood stage

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - The Missouri River in Jefferson City has reached the moderate flood stage. Water has started to recede from areas like downtown near the Capitol. 

As a result, several roads have reopened. Residents have dealt with the headache of closed roads for several weeks. 

Melvin Jenkins lives in Jefferson City and works at Capitol Plaza. He says flooding has added time to his commute to work. 

"Capitol Plaza has no parking, either, because of the flood. It flooded the entire parking lot. So I had to park a long ways away, and it took me about 20 minutes to walk to work," Jenkins said. 

Others around mid-Missouri have been dealing with similar situations. Highway 5 into New Franklin from Boonville has been closed for several weeks, doubling the commute time to and from work for some people. 

Highway 94 is another major road that remains closed. 

The Missouri Department of Transportation's traveler map shows the roads that are still closed because of flooding. 

Jenkins said he has seen a big difference in flooding in Jefferson City since the river level has dropped to the moderate stage. 

"It's a lot better now, definitely. Like, I said, again, going on the highway, some streets were closed off trying to get downtown. But now since the flooding's gone down, it's much easier to get around," he said. 

He said, that previously, flooded roads were adding an average of 20 minutes to his commute. 

Over the weekend, the Missouri River dropped below 30 feet, getting out of the major flood stage. The National Weather Service predicts the river could be in the minor flood stage by next weekend. 

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