How today's storms will become more frequent as summer ends in mid-Missouri

Most of us learned about latitude and longitude in grade school and how we distinguish different parts of our planet. You may have even gone over their different names such as the Tropics, mid-Latitudes and Arctic.

All three of these areas can produce impactful weather and the one that's most influential for mid-Missouri are mid-latitude cyclones like the one affecting us today.

This is satellite imagery from this afternoon. The large comma shape that stretches from northern Canada all the way south into Texas is the real estate covered by this massive storm system. And we get several of these per year. 

With summer winding down and the ridges we always refer to bringing us the heat and humidity breaking down, the northern jet stream will dive further south, making storms like these more frequent. Mid-Latitude cyclones are responsible for a majority of impactful severe and winter weather that we experience here in mid-Missouri and that kind of activity will be increasing over the next several weeks. 

The ABC 17 StormTrack Weather Team will continue to track these storms as they become more numerous as we transition from summer to fall. 


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ABC 17 News Stormtrack

  • Continuing to track storm chances this afternoon

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